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Entourage Spam Folder Setup

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Entourage.

Step 2: Select Mail if you are already in the Mail component of the program.

Step 3: Highlight On My Computer in the folder area in the left column.

Step 4: Click on the File menu at the top of the window.

Step 5: From the file menu, select New. A seperate menu will pop up from there. Select Subfolder from this second menu..

Step 6: The new subfolder you just created will be highlighted in the left column, below Drafts. Deleted Items, and any other subfolders you previously created. Type in Spam as the name for this new subfolder.

Step 7: Click on the Tools menu.

Step 8: From the Tools menu, select Rules.

Step 9: From the Rules pop-up window, click the New button (next to the + symbol).

Step 10: In the Rule Name field, enter Spam.

Step 11: In the If field, click on the pull-down menu that currently says All Messages and change it so that it says Subject.

Step 12: In the empty text field next to Contains, type in ** SPAM**.

Step 13: In the Then field, click on the pull-down menu that says Change Status and select Move Message (the very first item) from the list.

Step 14: Click on the pull-down menu (which currently says Inbox) to the right of Move Message..

Step 15: From this pull-down menu, select Choose Folder.

Step 16:
Highlight Spam from the list of folders.

Step 17:
Press the Choose button at the bottom of the window to confrim you selection.

All messages flagged as spam will now be collected in your Junk E-mail folder and will never reach your inbox. You may review the contents of your Junk E-mail folder periodically to ensure that legitimate messages have not been misclassified as Spam. (If there are some of these "fales positives", you can add those senders to a "white list" which will ensure that future messsages from those email addresses will reach your inbox.)