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As a managed service, Katharion is deployed at the gateway to a customerís network and is compatible with any email infrastructure -- whether that is a heterogeneous multi-server environment common to ISPs who have grown through acquisition, or a single in-house mail server at a given organization.

Through a simple DNS change, email is automatically protected, without any hardware, software, or configuration changes for the customer. The change of the 'MX' record (mail exchanger) for your domain point to Katharion's systems. After that change has been made, your email will be redirected through Katharionís filters before being automatically delivered to your mail server.

Working with your existing infrastructure

In addition to being compatible with any existing email system, Katharion is designed to integrate seamlessly with an organizationís email infrastructure. Among other benefits, this means that customers do not have to worry about managing email users in multiple places.

Whether a customer is running Exchange, Groupwise, sendmail, qmail, or some other mail server, Katharion provides simple, rapid integration with that system via LDAP/LDAPS or other protocols as appropriate. Email addresses are synchronized automatically, along with authentication information as desired. Thus Katharion can easily defend organizations against Directory Harvest Attacks, as well as spam runs and intentional (or unintentional) Denial of Service attacks.

Beyond compatibility

Katharion also provides a sophisticated web services API that allows larger enterprises and Internet Service Providers to manage users, domains, and preferences programmatically. This feature - together with a web-based interface that is designed for re-branding, single sign-on, and/or integration with an organizationís existing web portal - helps ensure that Katharion can offer not only compatibility but true integration with a very wide range of environments.

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