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Anti Spam & Virus Filtering Service

How Spam & Virus Filtering Works

Cord Hosting has partnered with Katharion the industry leader for detecting junk email. The result of thousands of hours of development and Katharionís experience from processing billions of messages Katharion has created techniques for spam and virus detection in combination with a variety of next-generation approaches for message analysis that provide effective and successful filtering results.

As a managed service provider Katharion is compatible with any email system and can be implemented rapidly. At the same time, Katharionís customizable management interface and innovative features such as one-click whitelisting assure that the solution is both simple to deploy and extremely easy to maintain.

Through a simple DNS change, email is automatically protected, without any hardware, software, or configuration changes for the customer. The change of the 'MX' record (mail exchanger) for your domain point to Katharion's systems. After that change has been made, your email will be redirected through Katharionís filters before being automatically delivered to your mail server.
How Katharion Spam Filtering works
Message Handling
Drop detected spam: An aggressive approach that reduces a customerís network bandwidth requirements and mail server load. Due to Katharion's extremely low percentage of "false positives" it is very rare that a legitimate email message will be dropped.
Tag and forward detected spam: with a modified subject line, incoming email can be automatically directed to a specific folder in each userís email program for periodic review and/or deletion.
Redirect detected spam: junk mail can be directed to an alternative address, e.g.,
Quarantine: Junk messages are redirected to individual web-mail quarantine accounts that can be reviewed at any time by end users. The most common choice of larger businesses and ISPs, this approach reduces bandwidth requirements and mail server load for customers while providing complete assurance that no legitimate message will ever be lost.
In addition to these basic choices which be configured by person, by group, by domain, or by company, customers can opt to receive periodic message digests, which provide each user a summary list of the junk email received for them.
Message Analysis
An extensive, continually updated Heuristic Rule Set that encompasses message headers, body text, and other characteristics of both English-language and non-English messages Public and Private Blacklists of mail servers, relays, or networks known to be used by spammers
Extensive URI Databases of unique elements such as URLs, phone numbers, and physical addresses known to be used by spammers Extensive URI Databases of unique elements such as URLs, phone numbers, and physical addresses known to be used by spammers l
A self-learning Bayesian Engine that analyzes patterns of phrases in messages, and assigns mathematical probabilities for the presence of those phrases in junk mail versus legitimate mail Incorporation of Domain History and Reputation to increase the accuracy of blacklists and URI databases
Real-Time Message Source Analysis to assess whether an increased volume of mail flow is simply a legitimate high-volume mailing, or the result of a spammer hijacking or the use of a Ďzombieí network User-Based Message Profiling that allows for refinement of message scoring for each user based on a history of his or her message traffic
Customizable whitelists and blacklists which can be applied on an account-wide, organization-wide, domain-wide, or user-specific basis Message Fingerprinting to compare email signatures to frequently-updated public and internal databases of known spam messages
Authenticity Checks including detailed header analysis    
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