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Cord Hosting Partners with Katharion to Deliver Unique Spam and Virus Filtering

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (10/23/2006)-Cord Hosting Inc. (, a California based hosting provider serving small to medium sized businesses since 2001, announced today it has partnered with email security firm Katharion to offer highly effective and unique anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.

The partnership, which allows Cord Hosting to use and resell Katharion's enterprise level email security products, has been in development for three months. Users can now purchase mail filtering services from Cord Hosting for as low as $1.10 per mailbox per month.

"We are excited to be able to deliver enterprise level email security solutions to our small to medium sized business customers. Large corporations readily spend thousands each month on dedicated, hardware-based mail filters, but for many of our customers, that simply isn't a possibility," said Errett Cord, Cord Hosting founder and president. "Our partnership with Katharion allows us to deliver these much needed email solutions at a fraction of the cost."

To use Katharion's technology, users simply need to update their mail MX addresses to point to a Katharion mail filtering server. No special software or client-side configuration is required, and users do not need to be hosting customers of Cord Hosting.

"There is a level of flexibility and ease-of-use with this new service that can't be matched," said Cord. "And it is apparent to me that this is the direction the hosting industry is moving; we are just happy to be at the leading edge of it."

Features of Katharion's service include mail Authenticity Checks and Message Fingerprinting, helping to identify forged and fraudulent emails. One-click Whitelists and Domain History lists also help increase the accuracy of filtered emails. Additionally, Real-Time Message Source Analysis and Dynamic Feedback-Based Optimization enable Katharion to immediately identify spammers and automatically blacklist their messages.

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