Plesk Control PanelPlesk Control PanelPlesk Control Panel
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Plesk Control Panel

Cord Hosting is proud to present the powerful Plesk control panel. This outstandinding software gives you absolute control of your account and all accounts under you. This multi-level platform allows you to control everything from one login and one interface!
The Plesk control panel is unique in its approach to hosting account management. Through one login, you have access to all areas of your account unlike other control panels that require 2 or even 3 different control panel logins to manage aspects of a hosting account! You will find the interface super logical and after one session inside Plesk, you will be an expert - it's that easy!
Plesk Control Panel   Whether you have one domain or 100, the Client level is where you will administer your account. This is where your limits are set, where you can generate a complete report on your account, view allocated IPs, setup your skeleton directories, custom logos and custom buttons. From here you can view traffic stats for your account and you can set up domain templates so setting up a new account as simple as clicking one button!
Plesk Control Panel   Plesk offers more mail features in more combinations than any other control panel! If you have people that use you for email, you can give them access to the Mail User level. From here mailboxes, mail redirects, mail groups, autoresponders, webmail and of course Spam Filters are managed!

And you have access to all 3 levels from one login!

What's new in Plesk 7
Plesk Interface   Interface Redesign
Plesk 7 sports a completely new look and feel. Designed by an ergonomic software specialist Plesk 7 is easier to learn, faster to use and manages more features than ever before.
Plesk Application Pack   Plesk Application Pack
Plesk 7 includes a new customizable repository of Site Applications with the ability to add, deploy, configure, and remove applications to any domain in your account.
Plesk Spam Assassin   Spam Assassin Anti-SPAM Support
"SpamAssassin" Anti-Spam Software is included for free on every mailbox on every domain. Plesk's implementation of this popular software goes far beyond the capabilities of any other control panel!
Plesk Site Builder Tools   Site Builder Tools
Plesk 7 includes a powerful CMS website building tool free on every domain! You will have the ability to create and deploy websites as well as edit uploaded html pages quickly and directly in WYSIWYG format.
Plesk Subdomain Management   Subdomain Management Interface
Plesk 7 now includes an interface to create Subdomains inside Primary domains, including FTP user assignment and scripting.
Plesk oS Commerce   oS Commerce Software Support
Included in the new Application Pack for Plesk 7 is oS-Commerce Ecommerce software. You can now quickly deploy this open source ecommerce solution with the click of a mouse and manage it via Plesk!.
Plesk Custom Buttons   Custom Buttons Management
Custom buttons can be created, managed and deleted in the redesigned Plesk interface. This is most excellent feature to complete the branding of your control panel.
Plesk Interface   Interface Session Manager with Simultaneous Login Management
Plesk 7 includes the ability for Users to allow/disallow simultaneous logins as well as view, manage and delete current sessions in the interface.
Plesk Private Folder   Private Folder for Sensitive Data Storage
Plesk 7 now includes a new folder inside the domain root directory which cannot be accessed from the web. You can now store sensitive data like a list of users, passwords etc. for personal access only.