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Buyout Questionnaire

1.What type of organization is your company (partnership, LLC, corporation type s, sole proprietorship, etc)?

2.Who are the principals and what is their contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers)?

3. Do you file your taxes as a partnership, corporation, sole proprietor, etc)?

4. Do you have a corporate lawyer?

5. Are you interested in selling your company as a whole or just your customers and assets?

6. Are your customer's on any kind of contract or commitment?

7. Asking price without domain name / content?

8. Asking price with domain name?

9. Asking price with domain name and content?

10. Would you be willing to setup payments over the period of a few months to ensure that everything goes smoothly?

11. How many years in business?

12. How many customers?

13. What customer contact information do you have (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc)?

14. Break down of customers (their billing periods, amounts, etc).

15. Did you provide domain registration? What type of payments (PayPal, CC, etc)?

16. If CC, who was your processor and do you have credit card numbers of your customer's?

17. Back/Front-end for customer management / billing (whmautopilot, etc)?

18. Back/Front-end control panel (cPanel, plesk, etc)?

19. Back/Front-end support system (perldesk, kayako, etc)?

20. Server owned, leased or rented?

21. Specs of server. Cost of server. Server provider. Are your customers satisfied with the level of service that you are providing?

22. Do you allow anything out of the norm (i.e., IRC, certain software or scripts, etc)?

23. How long have you had a majority of your current client base?